Andrew is one of Nicole's best friends. He was one of the final people to join the chatroom group.

He has hazel eyes, flat black hair, and usually wears a red sweater with baggy jeans and a pair of black, white, and blue hi-tops. 

He is an all around peaceful person, and doesn't like to fight. He often enjoys helping out his friends when they have a problem, and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

Andrew was born in September, making his star sign a Virgo.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Andrew, like Kris, is very skilled with his fists. Though, as mentioned before, he is a peaceful person, so he usually just walks away from fights people attempt to start with him.



Ninten and Andrew often enjoy making jokes with each other, though due to Andrew being so busy, he never gets the time to hang around with Ninten.


Nicole and Andrew are very close. They are often seen chatting together, whether it is in or out of #HitItWithMyHand. They tend to give each other nicknames, Andrew's being 'Drew-Drew' (( also given to him by Krystal )), and Nicole's being 'T.J.'.


Krystal and Andrew are usually seen fighting, the opposite of Nicole and Andrew. Through, the fights are usually just sketched out, (( as they both dream of becoming actors/actresses when they get older )) and they always enjoy doing them, even if it never seems so.


Jack has given Andrew the nickname, 'The Closet Ninja', as Andrew always enjoys hiding in closets for reasons that will remain untold. Other than this ongoing joke, Jack and Drew never interact.

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