Caio is one of the Mother Bakas.

Caio has tan skin, black flat-like hair, and is usually wearing a plain white t-shirt, demin pants, and red sneakers, with no socks.

He is shy, but at the same time, outgoing, which is a rare combination of traits to find in somebody nowadays. But his shyness seems to rule over his outgoing attitude, as he never really says much in the chatroom. He has, however, taken a liking to the jokes everyone has made about him being silent over the summer, symbolizing that he has a carefree spirit as well.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Caio, like Nicole and Jeff, is one of the members of the group who doesn't have PSI. In terms of physical strength, he is one of the weakest members. However, he takes karate and is very skilled at it. 



Ninten and Caio are again, one of the duos who don't speak much. However, Ninten always listens to the stories Caio tells and seems to be very interested in them.


Skyler and Caio share the same type of sense of humour, often laughing at the same jokes and agreeing that something is funny. Recently, Skyler and Caio have been conversing a lot, more so than with the others.


Nicole try to give Caio advice and cheer him up whenever he feels upset. The two sometimes fight, but the cause of the outbursts are usually something small or misinterpreted.


Ness and Caio rarely converse. No interactions between the two have taken place as of late.


Lillian and Caio probably hold the strongest bond together. Though Caio converses with Giygas more than he does Lillian, they are still close.

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