The ChatroomEdit

  1. HitItWithMyHand is the chatroom where all of the Mother Bakas came together, as well as many others. Ever since June 27th, 2013, they've been there everyday.

By DepictionEdit

Nicole depicts it as an old abandoned Saloon with '#HitItWithMyHand' written on the signboard in neon colours. The inside is an elegant little club with beige and old sky blue stripped wallpaper, black and red checkered floor. The room is decorated with flowerpots, and there is a wooden counter with 5 silver and red plush stools in front of it. In the back, there is a large shelf filled with tons of soda and coffee.

Privilege ClassesEdit

There are 8 privilege classes in the Chatroom.

-Pea-Cock: The highest ranking class, only consisting of Ninten.

-Bro-Bros: Ninten and everyone else's friends, i.e. T.J., Emma, Maria, e.t.c.

-Mother-Bakas: The people who mainly come to the chatroom.

-Sexy-Sombra: Sombra wouldn't shut up about it, so Ninten gave Sombra his own privilege class.

-Forever-A-Loid: A joke class made for Loid.

-My-Milkshakes: Just... Don't even ask.

-Wtfamitypingwhat: This class was used for visitors, but that changed when Ninten made the chatroom private.

-Gahbej: The class that will get you banned if you are put in it. Also used for jokes.

Other ChatroomsEdit

Ninten and the others have created more chatrooms, but they are rarely used. These chats include: The Gahbej, The Trachkan, The Frij, and The Ferrzerr.

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