Jack is the youngest of the Bakas, despite being the same age as Ninten.

He has a humourous yet stern vibe to him. Jack is usually seen with brown spikey hair, a red hoodie, baggy jeans, and a pair of red sneakers.

Like Ninten and Skyler, Jack has asthma. Though it rarely affects him, he still tends to worry about it.

Jack was born on October 10th, making his star sign a Libra.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Jack is the only one of the Mother Bakas who doesn't have a handheld weapon. He only uses PSI to fight, though he isn't all that strong with it. Like Nicole, he usually only jumps into battle if his friends are in danger.


See below.

Mother BakasEdit


Jack and Ninten aren't exactly the greatest of friends. They are, however, interested in a varaity of the same things, obviously because they are the same age.


Nicole and Jack surprisingly don't see eye-to-eye. They care about each other immensely, though.


Jack has a somewhat stern attitude towards Skyler. The two sometimes take jokes too far, making them alike in a way.


Jack and Ness do not interact ninty percent of the time. They still hold a slight friendship, though.


Jack doesn't normally interact with others, with T.J., Cereal, and Fuel being the exceptions.

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