Well, his friends often refer him to Jaden Yuki from Yugioh GX

Jaden is a non-mother baka chatroom visitor.

He has a strange strange sense of humor with his friends, Jaden is one of those people that loves role playing, it can be shown because of the amount of accounts he has made ( i.e.: King Sombra, Calem, Mitch, Mikey ) 

Jaden was born on January 1st, making his star sign Capricorn.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Jaydon has the powers of a derp, he can stall the enemy and make them confused. 


To the down, to the down

Mother Bakas Edit


Ninten and Jaden haven't talked that much, but Jaden does talk to him pretty much everyday using his role play accounts, but it seems Ninten has only made good friends with some of Jaden's role play accounts.


Jaden and Ness don't talk that often reason being that he doesn't come to the Chatroom often. But when he does Jaden is most likely on one of his role play accounts, he often refers Jaden's King Sombra account as "Pony gai" which always gives someone a laugh.


Nicole and Jaden are great friends, Nicole who he thinks is very great, she cheers him up when he is down, and other things good friends do for each other, she knows him most well from his 'King Sombra' account and 'Pkm-x' account, the other ones not so much, but the friendship is building up for 'Dat-axe-dough'.


Jack and Jaden, sharing the same letter at the beginning makes Jaden feel special for some reason.They do talk to each other often, and have the some same likings, for example Pokémon,some of the same youtubers.


Skyler and Jaden know each other well, coming to the chatroom all the time and such, on one of Jaden's accounts Skyler has boyfriended ( xD ) King Sombra, as for the other accounts she is still making  a connection with them.

Other Edit


Jana and Jaden do talk often, using either their main accounts, or using "(( ))", they are pretty good friends, not the closest....but still good friends.


Lillian and Jaden haven't talked for a while, he does however talk to her with his 'pkm-x'  account, which they both like, they do joke around often with the 'ilu okay bby' sentence.


Caio and Jaden are called the 'YGS Bros' by Ninten and the rest. They are bros and great friends, they are usually the first  few people to come to the chat room, following Skyler and the rest, you could say that they are best buddies. 


 Milk should like Jaden but they have never met so idk