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Jana is the admin of Ninten, and the best friend of Nicole. However, she is not a Mother Baka.

Jana is thirteen, meaning that she is older than Jack, but younger than Skyler. By depiction, she has black hair that is always tied back into a ponytail, a black and velvet red stripped shirt covered by a marine blue jacket, grey cuffed jeans, and a pair of blue and white hi-tops. 

She is a tenacious, kind girl who will stop at nothing to make sure that everybody around her is happy.

Jana also has a humourous side to herself as well, always making others laugh and chasing after Ninten just to piss him off.

She was born August 22nd, making her star sign a Leo.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Jana never fights in any battles, however she does claim that she will protect her friends at any cost. This remains the status of her fighting abilities.



Jana and Ninten aren't exactly the greatest of friends. The two are practically enemies.


Skyler and Jana have known each other for a long time, making them close friends. They often recall memories of before the Mother Bakas were created.


Nicole and Jana are like sisters to each other. They care so deeply about one another, that they refuse to let the Bakas have problems and always try to get everyone in order. Nicole claims that she is 'tied' to Jana, meaning that she will never leave her side.


Jana and Jack never really interact all that much. Jack has said that he hates her, but deep down, he really does care about Jana.

Ness /Kyle

Kyle and Jana are two of the closest people in the chatroom/#HitItWithMyHand. Jana often comes to him for advice and help when she needs it, and Kyle is always there to help her out.


Like Nicole and Jack, Jana and Caio don't exactly see eye-to-eye. They do, however, try to help each other out when they need some cheering up.


Again, Jana and Lillian don't see eye-to-eye. They are close friends, but not the best.


Jana and Emma are good friends and have seen each other in real life before, as apposed to everyone else. Emma claims that Jana is her only friend, to which the other members of the Chatroom strongly disagree.

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