Krystal (( also called Kris, or Krissy )) is a close friend of Nicole and Andrew.

Krystal is a sixteen-year-old girl, who has straight ginger coloured hair, forest green eyes, and typically wears a sleeveless velvet red tank top, skin tight jeans with a white handkerchief tied on the right pant leg, and a pair of white high-heeled boots.

Like Nicole, Kris's past.. was also scarred. She grew up in the big city, and the care of her rich, and also busy parents. She was always a bit of a fashionista, since her parents held her up to high standards. Being an only child, Krystal was always lonely. When she turned nine, her parents took her to a lake to spend some time together, they ran into a drunken driver, who had killed her mother. After the incident, Kris's father grew cold and abusive. He became a drunk and was always at the bar. Kris, then, was lonlier than ever. One night, when her father hadn't come home, she ran around to go find him, with no luck. By the time she had given up, it had already become dark. She was lost. But, suddenly, she saw Nicole and her uncle outside practicing with her bo staff. She slowly made her way over to them, and explained what had happened. Nicole and her uncle decided to take Kris in, and she has been living with Nicole ever since. Krystal never really did figure out what had become of her father, though..

Kris is the all-around type person. (( I make it sound like Pokemon )) She is outgoing, entergetic, smart, and tenacious. She can also be a little bit picky and fiesty at times, but she loves her friends, and will do anything to protect them.

Her catchphrase is: "What? But that's stupid! Wait, everything's stupid nowadays. Carry on."

Abilities And PowersEdit

Krystal is skilled with her hands and her feet, so naturally, she would know how to fight with them. She normally fights when either her or her friends are being threatened.



Krystal and Nicole have always been close, ever since they were children. They live in a small cottage near the woods together, (( with Andrew, Aimee, and Carol, too )) and have lived there ever since.


Krystal met Andrew a while after she met Nicole. The two love to be dorky around each other, and have almost a brother-sister relationship.

Krystal doesn't seem to interact with the other members of the chatroom, maybe since she's a bit too shy.

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