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Lillian (( also known as Cereal or Giygas )) is a regular visitor to the chatroom. She has deep hatred for hypocrites and people who make fun of her friends.

She has blondish-brown hair, and usually wears a plain, long sleeve white shirt, blue shorts, and white sneakers. A white and bloody fox-like mask is always covering her face, making it so she can't be seen.

Lillian is possibly one of the strangest people to venture into the chatroom before. She tends to rant about people or things that she dislikes, to which the others strongly agree. She has a strong-willed spirit, and will not take crap from anybody. She always stands up for her friends and makes them feel like they are actually worth something. But, at the same time, she's always down on herself, prompting her friends to try and cheer her up the same way she does to them.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Lillian is never shown fighting, but she is really strong with words, and can convince any jerk to get lost.



Ninten and Lillian hold a strong friendship. They both have interests in the same thing, only making them closer.


Skyler and Lillian never really talk all that much, but, regardless, they still care about each other.


Nicole is considered to be Lillian's best friend, since the two are always agreeing with each other, and cheering the other one up. They say very nice things about each other, which only ties them together even more.


Jack and Lillian are considered to be 'bros'. Although this only usually applies to Cereal, they still hold a strong bond.


Ness doesn't usually interact with anyone. So the status of Lillian and Ness's friendship is unknown.


Out of everyone, Caio probably has the strongest bond with Lillian. They are always talking to each other, more so than the others.


"If someone pours me on you again I gonna scream"

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