This thing died a long time ago. If you are expecting anything good, you're too late.

...In case you want to know who we are, check below.


Welcome To The Mother Bakas Wiki~!Edit

Welcome to the Mother Bakas Wiki!

-This wiki is still under construction, so please be patient!-

Who Are The Mother Bakas?Edit

The Mother Bakas are a group of 5 teenagers who came together on June 27th, 2013. They love the Mother series, and are quite ditzy. The Mother Bakas are all different in their own ways, but are an outstanding team together. They are extremely different from any of the people that you may meet, so don't be surprised if you find yourself enjoying the company of the Bakas!

The Mother Bakas: Derpy Days Playlist:

Rules Of This Wiki!Edit

-Do not say anything that might insult one of the Mother Bakas or their friends.

-Don't make yaoi/yuri pairings of them! They will take it offensively!

-Do not post viruses on this Wiki. You have been warned.

-Don't claim that you are us if you aren't.

-Have fun~!

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