The mother bakas

Characters in order: Ninten, Ness, Nicole, Skyler, Jack, and Caio

Picture made by Jana .

The Mother Bakas are a group consisting Ninten , Jack , Skyler , Nicole , Ness and Caio.


The Mother Bakas are a Group of  Mother Series Fans, who like to fool around a lot. The Group also contains two fanmade Ask Accounts, those being Ninten and Ness.

The group contains 4 boys, and 2 girls.






and Caio.


Ninten is considered to be the leader of the Mother Bakas, as he was the one to create the chatroom.

He is a twelve-year-old boy, who looks quite similar to Ness. But, however, there are a few differences that set Ninten apart from Ness. For one, he's smaller and skinner than him, whereas, Ness is taller and on the chubbier side. Also, Ninten wears his cap backwards and has a bandana, but Ness wears his hat forwards, and wears a backpack instead. Other than these differences, the two look pretty much the same.

Ninten is said to be somewhat of a showoff and a "spotlight stealer". As some of the times, he acts like he's better than the other Bakas. But despite his "I wanna be the center of attention" nature, Ninten can actually be quite sweet and understanding. For instance, he always listens to his friends when they have a problem, and tries to solve it the best way he knows how.

Ninten is said to actually have a crush on Paula, rather than Ana. These feelings became apparent in the chatroom for unknown reasons, but everyone unanimously supports their relationship. Although Ninten CAN be pretty clingy to Paula. For example, when Nicole tries to hang out with her, Ninten goes insane and tries to steal Paula back for himself.

He is shown to hate Jana, (( also known as his admin )) most of the time. He has given reasons to why he dislikes Jana, (( i.e. Saying that she is annoying, claiming that she 'strips' him whenever she gets the chance, e.t.c. )) but the rest of the gang deny these reasons and say Jana is a good person.


Ness is said to be Ninten's right hand man in the Mother Bakas.

He is a thirteen-year-old boy who looks quite similar to Ninten. But, however, there are a few differences that set Ness apart from Ninten. For one, Ness is taller and on the chubbier side, whereas Ninten is smaller and skinnier. Also, Ness wears his cap forwards, and has a backpack, but Ninten wears his cap backwards and wears a bandana. Other than these differences, the two look pretty much the same.

Ness is a lively, talkitive person. He loves to chat with others and have fun. But some of the time, he acts shy around Nicole. Not much more of Ness's personality has been shown, due to the fact that he isn't in the chatroom a lot.

He is known to have a crush on Nicole, and loves to be around her. The two are currently in a relationship, which the other Mother Bakas support tremendously. Some of the time, they tease Ness for being in love with Nicole, and always try to get them to 'make out'. He gets jealous when Nicole is around Ninten, and usually punches Ninten in the face and takes Nicole away from him.

He never says anything about Kyle, (( aka his admin )) so not much is known about him.


Skyler is the middle baka, as she is older than Jack and Ninten, but younger than Nicole and Ness.

She is an elegant, saucy fourteen-year-old girl, who has long, red hair, a golden crown with a heart gemstone, a long, darkish-pink dress, white gloves with light pink swirly patterns, a pair of long white socks and redish-pinkish sneakers.

She used to have a crush on Michael, or as she called him, Adam, from Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness, until she met King Sombra and got in a relationship with him.

Skyler is the creator of the Mother Bakas: Derpy Days series on YouTube. It is currently at 2 episodes, almost 3.


Jack is the youngest Mother Baka, even though he is the same age as Ninten.

He is a humourous, strict young boy. He has light brown spikey hair, a red hoodie, worn out jeans, and a pair of red and white sneakers.

Much like Skyler and Ninten, Jack has asthma. Though it rarely affects him, he still worries about it from time to time.

He has played all three of the Mother games, beating Mother 2/EarthBound, and Mother 3/EarthBound 2. He is currently trying to beat Mother 1/EarthBound Zero.

People often compare Jack to Fuel, joking around and saying that they were 'separated at birth'.


Nicole is a fifteen-year-old girl, who normally wears a black and white stripped t-shirt, a pair of worn out jean shorts, and black converse. She also likes to wear her bangs in front of her left eye, so people won't be able to see her scar.

Nicole is an understanding and kindhearted girl, except when someone hurts her friends. And despite all the tragedies that happened in her past, she's still a very cheery person. Her friends sometimes even compare her to the pony, Pinkie Pie.

She is very close with Ninten's admin, Jana, and loves to chat with her.


Not much is known about Caio. Most of the time, he's silent.

Although, some information is known about him.

Caio is a sixteen-year-old boy who owns an ocarina and knows how to play Zelda's Lullaby on it.

He is depicted to be a shy boy who has tan skin, black spiky hair, a white t-shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans, and red lace-up sneakers.

Other than this, nothing else is known about Caio.



  • The Mother Bakas were originally going to call themselves The Mother Fuckers, but they decided to keep it clean for the children and use the word Bakas instead.
  • Baka means "Idiot" in Japanese.
  • Surprisingly, Skyler is the "Middle" of the group, due to her age being 14 (Turning 15 on August 15th).
  • Nicole says that the Mother Bakas are her family, which they all agree on.
  • Caio is the Silent Guy of the Group, AKA ShyGuy, it is unknown why he doesn't talk much.
  • The Mother Bakas: Derpy Days Series get their ideas from Random Chatroom Moments.
  • The admin for Ninten is a Girl in real life.

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