Ness is said to be Ninten's right hand man in the Mother Bakas. 

He is a thirteen-year-old boy who looks somewhat similar to Ninten. Appearance-wise, there are a few differences that set them apart. Ness is tall and on the chubby side, whereas Ninten is short and skinny. Ness wears a backpack and his cap is flipped forwards, but Ninten has a bandana and his cap is flipped backwards.

Ness is a lively, talkative person. He loves to be around others and cheer them up. But, some of the time, he acts shy around Nicole. Not much more of Ness's personality has been shown, due to the fact that he isn't in the chatroom as much as the others.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Ness is considered to be the strongest of the entire group, having the strongest PSI and being very skilled with his bat, more so than Ninten. Again, like all the rest of the Mother Bakas, he never jumps into battle unless he really needs to.



Mother BakasEdit


Ness and Ninten act like typical twin brothers. They have their disagreements, but deep down, they really care for each other.


Ness and Skyler don't interact as often as the others do, so the status of their friendship remains unknown.


Ness is known to have a crush on Nicole, and loves to be around her. The two are in a relationship, which the other Mother Bakas support tremendously. Sometimes the others tease Ness for liking Nicole, and always try to get them to 'make out'. Ness hates it when Nicole is around Ninten, so he usually punches Ninten in the face and takes Nicole away.


Jack and Ness don't interact a lot. But when they do, Jack is usally severly injured, sent to the moon or killed, making Ness say "poor brian."


Ness never chats anyone else in the chatroom, except the Mother Bakas.

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