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Name: Skyler Sex: Girl Age: 15 Nicknames: Princess, Skye, Sky, Bella, Princess of the Bakas Hair color: Light Red Baka Color: Pink Eye Color: Dark Blue

Princess Skyler is the princess of Ninjago, and the middle baka of the group, despite being as old as Nicole.

She has long, wavy velvet red hair, midnight blue eyes, and usually wears a golden crown with red-pink heart gems, dark pink dress, white gloves decorated with light pink swirly patterns, and a pair of pinkish-lavender combat boots.

Skyler is an optimistic and kind girl, like any other princess would be. She loves to have fun and enjoys the company of her friends.

Skyler, like Jana, was born in August, making her star sign a Leo.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Skyler has three main weapons.


Skyler is mainly seen using her sword to defend herself and her friends. She knows a lot different skills with it.

Pink Eye Flame

Her pink eye flame is another skill she uses in combat, though it is unknown how it is used in battle by the others.


Skyler rarely uses PSI in battle, and normally turns to it when she has no other options.


See below.

Mother BakasEdit


Skyler is very close with Ninten. She tends to piss him off by summoning Jana -his admin-, and helping her when she tries to kidnap him, but deep down, she still cares for him.


Being the only two girls of the group, Skyler and Nicole are very close. Even though this still stands, the two girls are polar opposites. Nicole is a normal girl, whereas Skyler is a princess. Nicole has blonde hair, but Skyler has red hair. Skyler's favorite colour is hot pink, Nicole's favorite colour is cerulean blue. But, to them, differences don't matter. They are still close.


Skyler and Jack interact occasionally. Their relationship as friends is quite charming, all in all.


Ness and Skyler don't often talk to each other, but are still friends. Not the best, but close.


Jana and Skyler have known each other before the Mother Bakas formed, so they often talk about old memories that had happened in the past year.


Caio and Skyler share the same type of humour, often laughing at the same jokes and agreeing something is funny. Recently, the two have been coversing a lot, more so than the others.

MMD VideosEdit

Skyler has started to make videos with MMD, (Miku Miku Dance), and her first MMD video appears with her as a newcomer.

She's currently working on more animations with the Mother bakas in it with this program.

MMD Newcomer Pop Princess Skyler- The Lost One's Weeping03:39

MMD Newcomer Pop Princess Skyler- The Lost One's Weeping

Princess Skyler in MMD, Singing The Lost Ones Weeping by Rin Kagamine

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