The Recess Gang are common visitors to the chatroom. Their accounts are all run by some of the Mother Bakas/other common visitors. The group consists of six children:

T.J. - The leader - Played by Nicole

Spinelli - The tomboy - Also played by Nicole

Vince - The jock - Played by Andrew

Gretchen - The brainiac - Played by Krystal

Mikey - The poet - Played by Jaden

And Gus - The wimp - Played by Jack.

The Root Of The IdeaEdit

The idea of making a Recess Gang online was started by Nicole, being a big fan of Disney's TV show Recess.

At first, she had been the only one, but then, the others began to help as well.

Admins And AccountsEdit

Nicole was the first to take a stab at the idea, creating and admining T.J. and Spinelli.

Jaden, inspired and eager to help, created Mikey's account.

Later on, Nicole created Gretchen and Vince. She soon found out that running five (( counting her main account )) was too much work, and suggested that her friends, Krystal and Andrew, run the two accounts instead, to which they agreed.

Jack was the last to pitch in, creating Gus's account.

Jaden and Nicole created an Ashley A. and a Menlo account as well, but they are rarely active on them.


Being the busy people they are, the admins of the Recess Gang are rarely online.

T.J. and Spinelli's admin, Nicole, is only online Fridays (( Sometimes Thursdays )) through Sundays, due to the overload of studying for tests she does.

Mikey's admin, Jaden, is online a lot of the times, but never seems to make time to be on Mikey's account.

Gretchen's admin, Krystal, is busy with schoolwork, and at the same time, her part-time job.

Vince's admin, Andrew, is busy at baseball practice, and is always staying after school to tutor others.

Gus's admin, Jack, never seems to make time to be on said account. Jaden and Jack have similiar cases when it comes to their Recess accounts.